A Romance-based conlang by Sapero


I used OpenAI to create this conlang using translations

^ A flag made using DallE Mini.

 Pronounciation Guides

c = /k/

cc = /ʧ/ (middle of word)

tc = /ʧ/ (beginning of word)

ció = /sjo/

g = /g/

ion = /jɔ̃/

u = /y/


Nominative Accusative Genitive
1sp eu ime meus
2sp ti ite tuis
3sp eil illec eilus
1pp noi noic noius
2pp voi boic voius
3pp illerí illes illerís
Who What Where When How
tci tca oún pertca coumâ
This That Here There
aces acel asi asel



Verbs end in -ar, or -or.


You can make a noun plural by adding -s at the end.

Côutchantrèce does not have grammatical gender; every noun uses "un" as an indefinite article.

However, "lo" is the definite article, if the word ends in a consonant. If it instead, ends in a vowel, it's "la". And if it starts with a vowel, it's "l'". For plural, add -s at the end.


You can turn a noun into an adjective by adding -ic or -oc at the end, removing the ending vowel if there is one.

Adjectives always come after the noun. Except ordinals, which come before the noun.


Pres. Indic.
1sp -o
2sp -as
3sp -a
1pp -amos
2pp -atis
3pp -an
Èsser (to be) Pres. Indic.
1sp soi
2sp siés
3sp es
1pp somos
2pp sitis
3pp són


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