Another Redone English Dictionary

Spelling changes

A lot of "qu"'s have been dropped in favor of "cw"


acwern: squirrel

alyaunte: alien

ashlead: bismuth

athel: noble, of royalty

athesk: lizard


bernt: hydrogen

blacklead: lead

boracium: boron

bore: boron

brimstone: sulphur

brome: bromine


charcoal: carbon

chisle: silicon

chokestuff: nitrogen

coal: carbon

coalstuff: carbon

cwick: mercury

cwicklime: calcium

cwicksilver: mercury


dear: animal


ennet: dusk

ereyesterday: day before yesterday

eosion: krypton


firestone: silicon

fremd: wierd


glucinium: beryllium

glucium: beryllium


helon: helium


iode: iodine


to jun: allowing someone to have something without jealousy,


kalinium: potassium

kalium: potassium




natronium: sodium

natrium: sodium


overmorrow: the day after tomorrow


pigtin: lead




sjöbergium: seaborgium

sourstuff: oxygen

stibium: antimony

swivel: sulphur





waterstuff: hydrogen

whitegold: platinum

whitelead: tin

whitemass: bismuth