hello.. you've reached the webmail of jules/julia/juliet! i sometimes use the username sapero(i(an))


i'm a transenby and have autism/adhd, have hella fomo and i'm pretty sure you can tell i suck at choosing things

i use they/she/it/nya/bit/voi/pix/cog/wire/soul pronouns!

i have an amazing partner who i love a lot

i have a varietyas in "a lot" of interests; but i'm mostly interested in coding, worldbuilding, conlangs, mathscombinatorial game theory <3, flags, cartes, and chess

my favorite numbers are Ω chaitin's constant Ω, NaN, Star and 0x5F3759DF; and i've currently memorized 23 digits of pi (3.14159265358979323846264)

 My button if you want it:

i don't really like it all that much myself.

please leave a message after the tone!

hi i fell in love with this idiot so any word i say about her is inherently suspect but ummb shes the greatest loveliest person there is and i love her so so so much and also unlike me knows stuff about actually useful topics like coding
my girlfriend
based based person. talented and cool =)
patty has told me about your interesting conversations. you arre smart and horny and that scares me.
4.5 stars
banjo tumblr
the math enjoyer of all time. vravo, bince!
Sapero is a really cool friend! She’s always up to something interesting, there’s never a dull moment around them :3
very cool and fun and nice has stuck with me since i was in year 7. juliet is just very smart and awesome :)
slushy (maimreddwhite on tumblr, aprilapologist on twt
Juliet's a W friend with a W wife with a W personality, totally recommend
has incredible girlbossing skills
stars broke so i will be rating with peter griffin emojis
Forklift certified Azalea Gardenia
Hi. Love the site and all the blinkies.
Def 5/5 all the colors in my vision.
i like your site a lot and you’re a really cool artist and person :3
5 stars
website goes crazy, the guy who runs it is the next Steve Jobs, tread carefully.
5 stars
By far the WORST person i have ever hired, she forgot to turn off the refrigerator after closing time. Employers avoid at all costs
Extremely gay and mildly tolerable
5 stars

Umm who the Fuck is this bitch fire emoji question mark emoji interrobang emoji
3 out of 5
guy i found under my floor tiles (yes he said questionmark emoji outloud)

all the active places you can currently find me

my username is often "sapero", "saperoi", "sapero_i" and "saperoian", in that order depending on what's taken.





what's up? my names are juliet, cass, ysa, vexi and byrc.

the name juliet may actually be replaced by a plethora of other j- names, typically juliette, julia, ...

i am 17 years old, my birthday being july 10th!

i am a transfem enby, and have audhd!

i use so many pronouns, some may ask "cass, how should i refer to you?".
well, spin the wheel of pronouns to figure out what to call me today!! for the low low price of ¤0.--

of course, along with the pronouns, come the genders!

  • non-binary
  • transgender
  • transfeminine
  • robogender
  • autigender
  • xenogender
  • multigender
  • xenby
  • xeno𖦹addict
  • chaosgender
  • weirdkidgender
  • gnawstimic
  • spinstimic
  • rockystimmic

i've created an icosahedron icon makerobv based on picrew for your usage!

please do link back to this site though

check out my discord bot, echo! invite link and source code available!

things i did before that i need to update

i'm also staff for a discord rp server, ΛTHERIΛ, where i (mostly solo-)dev the bot, ΛTMOS!

i do recommend you check it out

i mostly like designing maps and flags; and sometimes i do other art!

altho i still have to put it all here, come back later!